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NCQLP Lighting Certified Seal

National Council on Qualifications
for the Lighting Professions

PO Box 142729
Austin, TX 78714-2729
Phone: (512) 973-0042
Fax: (512) 973-0043

NCQLP Financial Support Program

NCQLP wants to recognize that it has important financial support from its many donors. These funds are the lifeblood of NCQLP. As we continue to break new ground on behalf of the lighting industry, contributions are needed to ensure progress.

To express its appreciation for the continued commitment to lighting certification, the listing of Annual Gifts is provided below. NCQLP is pleased that it has been granted 501(c)3 status so that any contributions to NCQLP are fully tax deductible as permitted by law.

For further information about providing financial support for the growth and development of lighting certification, please contact our National Office.

Benefactors - ($10,000 or more)

Supporters ($5,000 - $9,999 per year)

GE Lighting

Contributors ($2,500 - $4,999 per year)

Friends ($1,000 - $2,499 per year)


Gifts (Corporate contributions of less than $999)

Alberty Chong Associates, Inc.

Individuals (Individual contributions in any amount)

Alexander Baker, LC
Robert Brown, LC
Donald Caboatoff, LC
Thomas Camp, LC
Michael Cole, LC
Richard Davis, LC
Patrick Grzybek, LC
William Hein, LC
Anita Jorgensen, LC
Barbara Lee, LC
Rebecca Leung, LC
Richard McDonald, LC
Dave Meglio, LC
Jeffrey Millham, LC
Saju Oomen, LC
Michael Penn, LC
Jarron Pew, LC
Gerard Plank, LC
Joel Siegel, LC
Scott Sorensen, LC
Craig Sotelo, LC
Lindsay Stefans, LC
Warren Stojcich, Jr., LC
Robert Trate, LC
Andrian Vera, LC
Qianxiang Wang, LC
Franklin Williams, LC
Christopher Wojtal, LC