Energy Services Company

Improving the efficiency of lighting to save energy is one of the easiest and least expensive things that can be done to improve the environment. And, in many cases, more efficient lighting also works better, too. Yet surprisingly, there remains a significant amount of this type of work to do. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) alone is expected to initiate over $5 billion in lighting energy projects before 2010.

An Energy Services Company, or ESCo, is a company that brings together energy efficiency expertise, financing and customers to implement lighting improvements and other changes that reduce building energy consumption. Lighting expertise is critical in evaluating and selecting projects and making sure their implementation is correct.

ESCo’s often partner with Lighting Management Companies to implement projects. If you work for an ESCo, your job will primarily involve the identification and evaluation of prospective projects, including the lighting solutions as well as the economic analysis that confirms the viability of a project.

Educational Requirements: Generally, an associate or bachelor’s degree in a major technical or business field is required. Common sense and native intelligence are especially useful in this area.

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