Independent Lighting Designer Careers

Independent lighting designers and consultants generally work closely with architects, interior designers, engineers and owners to design and specify lighting for buildings. Persons in this field tend to have both technical and artistic skills, and their work includes conceptualizing lighting systems, drawing plans and writing specifications, as well as field work to ensure that designs are properly implemented.

While it is now possible to obtain a degree in lighting, many people become lighting designers with degrees from related fields such as architecture, engineering, interior design, theater technology or photography. Important skills include math, CAD drawing, and technical writing. Most designers also have some education in the arts, especially interiors, architecture or theater, enabling them to better address the artistic portion of the work. However, to be a competent designer, these other skills are needed, too.

Independent lighting designers own or are employed in lighting design firms as well as in lighting design departments of architectural or engineering firms. They work for a design fee and do not make or sell lighting equipment.

Educational Requirements: A degree in lighting design or related fields such as interior design, architecture or theater.

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