Lighting Distributor and Wholesaler Careers

Lighting distributors sell most of the commercial lighting equipment in North America. Their customers are usually electrical contractors. Along with the sale of the product, customers also expect that lighting distributors and wholesalers will have technical skills and knowledge in lighting.

Sometimes, the job of the distributor is similar to showroom personnel, combining knowledge of lighting with sales skills. But just as often, the customer needs more sophisticated assistance, such as solving a complex technical problem or substituting a workable alternative for a specific product that is not available. Distributors also provide follow up on the products they sell. And, when things go wrong, it often takes in-depth technical knowledge to solve the problem and satisfy the customer.

Electrical and lighting wholesalers work at the local, national and international levels. Those with superior skills and considerable knowledge of the industry, who specialize in lighting, service retail customers who need quick and effective service combined with a great deal of lighting expertise. Many of America’s largest office, hotel and retail companies develop their designs and purchase exclusively through expert lighting wholesalers.

Educational Requirements: Generally, an associate or bachelor’s degree in a major technical or business field. Common sense and native intelligence are especially useful in this industry, and lighting wholesalers are evaluated on performance, not on college degrees.

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