Lighting in Traditional Roles Careers

There are a number of occupations in which lighting is an important component, but is not the entire job. However, as lighting becomes more complex and energy efficiency of greater importance, it is essential, with any of the other professions identified in this brochure, to maintain a current lighting knowledge.

  • Electrical engineers design a large portion of commercial, industrial, and institutional lighting.
  • Electrical contractors install the majority of the lighting used today.
  • Some architects, landscape architects and interior designers are especially concerned with lighting in their projects and play a very active role in its design and specification.
  • Store planners and retail designers are responsible for designing and specifying lighting in stores in which the high lighting loads and extended operating hours make retail lighting consumers the largest user of lighting energy of all lighting types.
  • Civil engineers design much of the outdoor lighting for roads, parking lots, sports fields, and highways. Although the highest demand for electric lighting is during the day, night lighting is also important and being scrutinized for its potential to save energy.
  • Educators, including professors of architecture, engineering, interior design, and landscape architecture, who plant the seeds of professional lighting practice for our future.
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