Lighting Showroom Salesperson Careers

A large portion of the lighting sold is done through showrooms. Retail lighting showrooms provide the public with an opportunity to become educated about lighting for their homes and personal projects. Commercial showrooms are a design and supply resource for builders, contractors, and small businesses to obtain lighting products and information.

Most showroom employment requires knowledge of lighting, combined with sales skills. But it is the lighting skills that will generally ensure your success, because satisfied customers generate return business and referrals. Most showroom customers need effective, thoughtful lighting advice, and your ability to provide it will set you apart from other salespeople.

In commercial showrooms, strong technical lighting knowledge is essential in providing the services and support needed by many clients. Commercial and industrial lighting have energy and productivity implications that require technical education and expertise.

For those working only in residential lighting, there are training programs specifically for this segment of the industry. For many homeowners, the retail showroom salesperson provides the only advice they receive about lighting, so your knowledge, skills and creativity will be particularly appreciated at a very personal level.

Educational Requirements: Generally, an associate or bachelor’s degree in a major technical or business field. Because showrooms are stores, business or sales backgrounds are as important as technical expertise.

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